Cradle to Grave we do one thing, Communicate - Steve's Vlog #24

For a future blog post:

This video is about a local hero. Not a big important world class hero, not a Nobel prize winner but none this less he is an important person in our lives. He's hokey🔻, not very polished but he is successful in what he contributes to us. (explain)

I've watched him on TV for years teaching me about technology and then when he left his weekly TV show he moved to the Internet and YouTube and continued to teach 1000's.

He is very local, living in Vancouver, and travels to our area, the Thompson/Cariboo area to vacation once in while. Though he knows nothing about it, he is about to make a major contribution to the PlusMuchMore Organisation and how the organization communicates.

He has recorded a small series of video lessons to which I will link to it here.