Kamloops Transit Host Program

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Addendum © PlusMuchMore Organization
At this point, just a idea in the mind of Alfred Penny et al.
This society’s primary purpose is to provide specially trained volunteer HOSTS to ride the public transit buses of Kamloops as a second person

1.    as a support to the regular bus drivers and
2.    provide an information and security presents at the main transit exchanges
3.     in preform important add-on community and tourist services.
These PUBLIC TRANSIT HOSTS would assist

●     handicapped persons (mentally and physically) to feel more secure (a friendly face and attention) The primary task of the bus driver is to drive the bus safely and on time.
●     assist caregivers of the above persons to feel more secure that they can board handicapped person at the closest bus stop to their home, and working together with a HOST PERSON assist at the transfer centres transfer to a new bus or safely drop them off at their intended activity and see that they are picked up again. (Not intended to replace the HandiDART system or Taxis Saver Program)
●     This could apply to children as well, with the parents and hosts working together to ensure the safe transfer to and from schools and other after school activities.
●     guide new riders on how to use the bus more effectively
●     encourage more ridership, providing bus passes (for commission fees),
●     Assist the drivers with unruly passengers (a second set of eyes behind the back of the driver) and with special training, handle the sometimes intoxicated patrons of the bars. This could be a major assistant because of the EXPANDED LIABILITY FOR COMMERCIAL HOSTS

●     Provide a buffer between two of the main rider-ships - loud boisterous students and easily intimidated seniors.
●     guide people to ‘public transit friendly events
●     encourage all event holders to plan for ‘public friendly events’
●     Encourage the city and transit contractor to plan schedules that would include more Public Transit Friendly Events - increasing ridership. (an prime example would be to schedule the bus to arrive before regularly scheduled play opening times. With the present 2010/2011 schedules the bus arrives 5 minutes after the performance begins and the last bus to the area’s only bus stop leaves 1/2 hour before the play ends, utterly useless to bus riding patrons)
●     Assist tourists in riding the local bus to and from places and events from their accommodations. (Provide guided mini tours)