EVENT PLANNING: Negligence - (Unintentional Torts)

Question: How does the cases of 

illustrate the four main elements of negligence?

To see full particulars of the case:

Course Text:
by Longchamps and Wright, 3rd Edition.

Read pages 90 – 92: Negligence (Unintentional Torts)

My answer to the above question:

The hotel had a duty of care: Do not serve alcohol  to an intoxicated person
The hotel breached the duty: They served alcohol to an intoxicated person
The intoxicated person was injured.
The breach of a duty of care was the proximate cause of the injury.

As you can see all four elements of negligence are evident here, a near classic case of unintentional negligence as none of the defendants had intended to injure anyone. The hotel was liable.


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