EVENT PLANNING: Contracts - Offer or Treat?

QUESTION: What is the difference between an invitation to treat and an offer?

One Person inviting an other to make an offer is called "an invitation to treat". It's not called an offer. In Restaurants for example: the owner presenting a menu = invitation to treat; the customer indicates money for the food = that makes it an offers.

Note: Nothing in law stops the customer offering less than the asking price (if he is gutsy) and equally nothing stop the owner from saying NO, (tactfully of course)

Additional Info:  Advertising at Special Prices is actually "a invitation to treat" for it is understood that only a limited number of items are available at special prices and such advertisements can not be thought of as misleading when the specials run out (only if there were no intentions of having enough items. It was just to get you in the door and 'up-sell' you).

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