EVENT PLANNING: Contracts - Minors

Question: Under what circumstance can a minor be held responsible for using a hotel's facilities and when will the minor not be liable?

A minor is a person under 21 years of age and in some provinces that has been lowered. At the option of the minor, a contract can be enforceable or voidable but not by the other party to the agreement. 
a minor hard at work ;)

In certain cases, contracts made by a minor can be enforced made binding by the other party if they involve employment or apprenticeship that are beneficial to the minor.

Also contracts that deliver 'a necessity of life', for example - meals and lodging, and it's if not done extravagantly, are enforceable. Other contracts for necessities, including legal advice, medical treatment, clothing, and reasonable transportation arrangements, are also enforceable. 

Any non-necessity of life a minor may contract for can still be voidable, especially if it is of an ongoing or continuing nature and may become binding upon reaching majority, by simply repudiating it prompt when he or she is not longer classed as a minor. 

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