EVENT PLANNING:Contract for Catering Services - Assignment 2

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The amused Ms. High N. Mighty liked the publicity of the Big Yellow Banana Restaurant obtained with his monkey advertising program. She sent him a note asking him to cater her next annual soirée. He phoned her back and agreed. This was a part verbal and part written agreement and was left like that BUT being the sage event manager that I am, I felt it was not adequate and being a member in good standing of the SIP of T (Society of Important People of Thompson-ville) stepped in to help protect both the contractor and contractee (our great society).

Contract for Catering Services

This Agreement made this 10th day of  October, 2010


Ms. High N. Mighty,
(Society of Important People of Thompson-ville)
1234 5th Ave, Thompson-ville, British Columbia


Mr. T.O. New,
owner - chef extraordinaire of

   Big Yellow Banana Restaurant

9876 5th Ave. Thompson-ville, British Columbia
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Purpose of Agreement


Ms. High N. Mighty is requesting a fully catered charity dinner party (excluding Liquor/Bar, Decorating, Entertainment, Master of Ceremony and Security Services)


Mr. T.O. New is agreeing to provide said dinner party at his full service premises,
that for the full consideration as outlined here -

The price that will be paid for the service provided is all inclusive

at $100 per seat for 500 guests exactly.

Mr. T.O. has confirmed he has legal facilities for 600+ people. He has attached a copy of his Fire Marshals and Liquor Licence agreements.

He further agrees that his Restaurant will be closed to general public the night of the event.


Only charity ticket holders will be allowed to attend this event.
(NOTE: It is an exclusive charity event and Ms. High N. Mighty always has a wait list)

There will be no additional participants-NO extra tickets will be sold.
IF there are a few no-shows that will to the economic advantage of the Caterer.
The Entrance door and Security will be managed by SIP of T Staff.

  • ________________
  • Date of Event

  • December 6, 2010
  • ________________
  • Time of Event

  • 6:30 pm - 1:00 am 
  • _______________
  • Event Scheduling 

  • 6:30 - Appetizers / Open Bar

  • 7:30 - Dinner Seating Begins

  • 9:00 - After dinner cleanup

  • 9:30 to 1:00 - Dancing

  • 11:00 pm to 1:00 - Late evening snacks served

  • 12:00 PM - Liquor Bar Closes
  • Soft Beverages will be available all evening

Location of the event

The Big Yellow Banana Restaurant

9876 5th Ave. Thompson-ville


Schedule of payment

(50% deposit is required on signing of this agreement)
A further payment of 50% within 48 hours
of the ending of the event if all was satisfactory concluded.

NOTES: (see also Schedules and Appendices)

  • The decorations and entertainment will be supplied by the SIP of T. Staff
  • The Catering and/or Liveried Serving staff will clear all tables by 9:30and will arrange for a dance floor configuration of 500 sq. feet next to the orchestra area.
  • There are penalties for non-satisfactory performance.
  • The guests will prepay for their Charity and Bar tickets
  • There are no gratuities allowed.
  • Each guest will have a numbered invitation and will be seated according to the assigned, numbered, reserved seating plan. 
  • Each guest will be escorted to their table by SIP of T. staff and introduced to the Liveried Staff member serving their table.
  • Each Seat will also be numbered with a full name card on the table arranged by SIP of T. staff.
  • Any difficulties arising from this must be taken up with the Secretary of Ms. High N. Mighty who will be in attendance the entire evening.
  • The seating plan is fixed. (See seating plan attached)

(late evening coffee supplied by caterer 11 pm to 1 am)
--- This is a full soft beverage and hard liquor service Bar ---  
Each guest will receive 4 Liquor Tickets when purchased with their $200 SIP of T. Charity Ball tickets. They can only be obtain from the Secretary of SIP of T.

 Only SIP of T. staff  will manage the BAR services. 
Liquor Liability - Because of current BC Laws on Drinking and Driving
SIP of T. Staff have a policy in place and all SIP of T. staff know that policy and are trained in it.

(Dinner is to be served by liveried staff over a 1 hour period beginning at 7:30 precisely, Hot and Cold foods will be held and served at correct temperatures

later evening hot and cold hors d’oeuvres* will be served on trays only by circulating Liveried staff)

*see Schedules and Appendices There can be no exceptions. The arrangement have been carefully considered before hand (who sits with whom). Infill can be considered after all likely guests have arrived.
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In this Agreement and the schedules attached hereto:

The following terms and expressions will have the following meanings:

One liveried staff/server for every two tables - 10 guests per table. (25 serving staff in total) all in uniform white tops and/or black vests, black pants or skirts all with ties as illustrated.

    • “Catering staff” means employees of the Caterer
    • “Society staff” means those under the administration of S.I.P. of T
    • “Liveried staff” means those employees of the Caterer who are wearing the black and white uniforms (rented from Mr B. Mighty Food Service Co.)
    • “Cooking uniforms” means all persons preparing foods must wear white and have head coverings of a white hat or hair net.
Unsatisfactory performance:
  • Serving staff requirements - minimum number (25) not met, $100 penalty per person missing. 
  • Late start: $500 after 15 minutes. 
  • Meal shortage: $100 per plate.
  • Wine shortage: $100 per bottle.
  • Entertainment delayed by 15 minutes, through the fault of the catering contractors facilities or equipment: $500 penalty. 

Force Majeure:  
It is agreed that the parties that neither party shall be held responsible for damages caused by delay or failure to perform his undertaking under the terms of this Agreement when the delay or failure is due to fires, strikes, floods, acts of God or the Queen’s enemies, lawful acts of public authorities, or delays of defaults caused by common carriers, which cannot reasonably be foreseen or provided against. It is the responsibility of the caterer to carry proper insurance in the eventually of this occurrence.

In witness whereof the parties have set their hands and seals:

--- Signatures ----
Ms. High N.Mighty {SEAL} Mr. T.O. New {SEAL}

Ms. High N. Mighty                                                  Mr. T.O. New

Society of Important                                                     Owner & Chef extraordinaire

People of Thompson-ville                                                  Big Yellow Banana Restaurant

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Schedules and Appendices


Prepared by Ms. High N. Mighty and the SIP of T. Staff.
No deviations, No substitutions

All food products must purchased from
“The Mighty Butcher Shop and Food Suppliers”
- owner- Mr. Big Mighty, CEO


These exact appetizers are to be served

Soup and Salad
This exact Soup and Salad is to be served

Main Course

Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding
arranged on plate as shown here

All food products must purchased from
“The Mighty Butcher Shop and Food Suppliers”
- owner- Mr. Big Mighty, CEO

The Alternate 
- smoked salmon
(How many of these serving will be prearranged)

Desserts - Creme Brulée
must be displayed as shown

(coffee & Tea)
No Tea Bags/no mugs
served only in cups this way
Tea - Orange Pekoe

Coffee - Medium Bold

Our Sponsors Red and White Wines only
Served in these type of glasses
White - Chilled, Red - Room Temperature

Chilled, then placed 
in our sponsor’s 'keep it chilled bags'
These are unique gifts
for our guests to take home

Late evening snacks as outlined on this Chart
There is NO deviation from these items

Equipment to be arranged

by the catering contractor,
and must be rented from
“My rental Service” of Mr. Big Mighty Co. only

China - white
large plates, salad plates, soup bowls w/plates
silverware (dinner forks, butter and serrated knifes) desert spoons
500 seats
50 tables (includes head table)
50 Table cloths (White)
600 cloth napkins only
Centerpiece of Head Table
500 cloth place mats
100 drip-less candles
100 flower arrangements
500 each Wine glasses, Water glasses
500 Coffee and Tea Cups w/sauces

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