A FAM Tour

Question: What is a 'Fam Tour' as the word is used in the tourist industry?

FAM TOURS (familiarization tours):
The 'Fam Tour' typically provides a free bus tour of a destination to showcase local tourism, including major attractions, accommodation, restaurants, and transportation suppliers. It is usually hosted by local tourism suppliers in cooperation with the local Tourism Information Centre, Chamber of Commerce and/or Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).
The intention of those who join the FAM tour, usually journalists, travel agents and event planners, is to bring tourists to the region, by buying from local suppliers or regional tourism service providers.

There is usually no cost to anyone on the FAM tour.


We are going to give a 10-minute before-dinner Slide Show Presentation to travel agents from the USA, Great Britain and Australia. We will make this presentation to them on the variety of local events and attractions in Kamloops and region that could be included in a pre-event full day tour, or a post-event full day tour.

Staying fairly close to home, we have selected 4 annual community/regional events that presently pull in well developed tourist traffic. There is one event per season, with 4 related attractions that can be associated with those annual events for all year round coverage. 

Our local CVB is competing with all the neighbouring regions and they, of course, want to reap the greatest ROI (return on investment) as possible on our own Thompson Region and the Kamloops community. So we want to promote the services of suppliers in your region.

In this simulation we will not be including accommodation or food and beverage establishments just to keep our simulation more simple. Normally we would if this was a real presentation and we would certainly need more than 10 minutes to do.

So here we go!

Click on little square next to the Slide #'s TO ENLARGE TO FULL SCREEN and you will be able to click through each slide at your leisure. Each mouse click advances 1 item on the screen for easy readings. VERY IMPORTANT.Check out the speakers notes indicated on the first slide.